Why you should Join Balymus Summer Music Camps

Success Stories from Past Participants: Graduates of our past summer programs have gone on to achieve significant success. They have performed well in various concerts, including performances at their own schools. Many have grown musically to the extent that they now contribute to choirs and participate in community events, including religious ceremonies. Joining our summer music camp is not just about improving musical skills; it’s about experiencing personal growth, building friendships, and fostering a lifelong love for music.

Why Should You Study with Balymus Training Center?

Balymus Training Center is an accredited institution dedicated to enriching the Rwandan music industry by equipping musicians with professional skills and nurturing talent. In partnership with the Government of Rwanda through the Rwanda Cultural Heritage Academy – Inteko y’Umuco, Balymus leverages expertise to position Rwanda as a creative hub on the continent. Balymus’s extensive experience also enables it to conduct a highly successful summer music camp, providing comprehensive and impactful music education.

Why Balymus Summer Music Camp Training Matters


Balymus Summer Music Camp offers a comprehensive music education, covering instrumental and vocal training, music theory, and composition. With expert instruction from experienced educators and professional musicians, campers enhance their technical skills and gain valuable insights. The camp provides multiple performance opportunities, building confidence and stage presence. Set in inspiring locations with state-of-the-art facilities, the camp fosters creativity and artistic growth. Campers also experience personal growth, learning discipline, time management, and perseverance. The camp creates a supportive musical community, forming lifelong friendships and professional connections. With additional recreational activities, the camp offers a balanced and enjoyable summer experience, fostering a lifelong appreciation for music and the arts.

About Fees and Payments

  • Non-refundable Registration Fee: 10,000 RWF, payable at the time of registration for your registration to be considered.
  • Tuition Fee: 100,000 RWF, payable in full for the entire Balymus Summer Music Camp.
  • Payment Instructions: Both the registration fee and tuition fee should be paid at one of the following banks:
    • Bank of Kigali (BK): Account Number 10016-5494077BALYMUS TRAINING CENTER
    • Umwarimu Sacco: Account Number 900019611900BALYMUS TRAINING CENTER

Transportation and Session Details

  • Transportation: Safe transportation facilities for your children are available, and the transport fee is negotiable based on your location.
  • Session Details: Each session lasts for two hours, with attendance required three times per week upon your choice and the final timetable will be communicated before the start date.


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